After spending my adult life climbing the corporate ladder, a life change also provided a focus change. My daughter, Kaylee, graced our world in 2011 and with her came the desire for less stress and less travel.

I switched careers from the Director of Sales & Marketing for a gourmet food manufacturer to the Executive Assistant of a well-known wine company. Perfect at the time for location and salary but after a few years, it suddenly hit me that the company culture and leadership were not aligned with my values and the workload was taking its toll, mentally, physically and emotionally. I was overwhelmed, stressed and living in chaos both at the office and at home. I needed an energy shift, a change, but didn't know what to do. Then I learned about Jennifer Grace and the Creative Insight Journey (now Insight for Life).

Within this 8 week program, I was able to let go of my fears as well as the past with its pain and regret and come to the realization that the shift I desperately needed would start with finding a different job. I found my intuition again, reconnected to my spirit and opened the path for my purpose to shine. The right opportunity with the right winery landed in my lap with divine timing I could not have imagined.

When Jennifer Grace approached me with her certification program to teach this 8 week class to others, I instantly heard my intuition tell me to “GO FOR IT!”. It is my passion to help people heal past trauma and experience a breakthrough in their life so I am grateful you are reading this right now. Everything happens for a reason. Trust in the signs, take action and allow! You deserve to BE ALIVE in your life and to live the life of your dreams! It is possible once you get out of your own way. This course will create a shift in your life and I would be honored to share the journey with you!

Meet Victoria