Gratitude Notes...from my inspiring students...

"Thank you Victoria for opening my eyes and my heart to what is possible. I am seeing my challenging relationships in a whole new way and I am trusting that "I always have the answers within me". The tools in this class are amazing!!"       - J.L. 

"I loved Victoria's course! It got me back into a journaling practice and finally helped me become comfortable with meditating. Many of the lessons, exercises and 'live withs' had a positive impact on my life and continue to be useful in helping me move forward."   - Debbie A.

"I enrolled in Victoria's CIJ course in the Fall of 2015.

      'Each of us are on the ultimate creative journey, that being, the                        journey where we create our lives'.

Recognizing that I am the sole creator of every event in my life was my biggest realization. The exercises we learned were immediately applicable and offered insights about myself and how I ultimately influence my environment. I continue to utilize the tools that were presented each week to improve my relationships, reduce stress, acknowledge my intuition, and expand my creativity. Tools that have helped me to take better control of my life and guide it toward my truth. Victoria's enthusiasm toward the material and dedication to each of her students show that she has found her calling in life."   - Doug F.

"Victoria's class helped me to focus on the bigger picture. In the past I had a significant amount of negative self talk, this class has helped me realize that I am enough! It doesn't take a lot of time but it is definitely a journey. 'Don't worry, just do it'!"    - Laura G.

"Thank you for being brave and for sharing your journey and your "uniquely you" spirit.  The world is a better place with your light shining like it is now.  Awesome!" - K.W.

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From my heart: I am so grateful to my pilot group for their trust in me while I was going through the certification program and for my first students who honored me with their time and belief! You have all blessed me so much. There are no words...thank you! My cup runneth over!